Tips to keep our neighbourhoods tidy during Covid-19

Looking after our neighbourhood is as important as ever. We’re all spending more time in our local areas and we all want to keep it clean and tidy for the whole community to enjoy, but we’re also producing more waste this year due to Covid-19.

At IGA Locals Matter, we want to help our community to do their bit in making responsible choices and helping protect each other from contaminated waste, so we’re sharing a couple of easy tips to consider:

1. Reusable Masks & Gloves

Throughout 2020, disposable masks and gloves have led to a huge  increase in the amount of waste and litter across the country. Purchase reusable gloves and masks to keep you and your family safe while reducing your waste. Remember, if you are needing to use disposable masks and latex gloves, these need to go in the general waste bins and not the recycling bins.

2. Refill Bottles

Soaps and hand sanitiser sales have surged this year, but have you considered buying one large bottle and refilling your soap dispensers or pocket hand sanitisers? Small bottles are handy to have while on the move, but they get thrown out quickly as they don’t last long. Keep refilling these regularly from a larger bottle to help reduce plastic waste.

3. Reusable Coffee Cups

Since being banned during the Covid-19 pandemic, reusable cups are now being introduced again in some areas, so check with your local coffee shop if they’re accepting these again, and keep yours with you when you’re on the move! If you do use disposable coffee cups, check the label to see if it’s recyclable and dispose of them correctly.

4. Council Clean Up

Lots of us have been doing more around the house recently and enjoying a spring clean. If you’re having a clear out, make sure you follow the rules and only leave out what can be collected. Only leave large items, to prevent smaller items being littered across your street and left there.

5. Be responsible

With the weather warming up and to keep a safe distance from others we’re all spending more time outside in the parks and beaches at the moment. Public bins can often overflow at peak times and the general public are less likely to litter pick for their own safety, so make sure you’re responsible for your own litter and take it home with you!

Head into your local IGA store to see what refill and reusable options they have available.

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