How our retailers support the environment

With plastic free July underway we wanted to find out what our independent store owners are doing to support their communities from an environmental perspective.

Lovey’s Grocers IGA Dungog has been part of the Dungog Community for over 15 years, and when we reached out to hear their story they had a lot to share!

“At Lovey’s Grocers IGA Dungog we are committed to ensuring the best practices and options are used when making decisions about what products we use in-store, and we encourage our shoppers to use recyclable bags and recycle their soft plastics.”

Lovey’s IGA Dungog are proud to have supported the launch of Boomerang Bags 4 years ago, and to have been free from single use plastic bags for the last 3 years. All boxes that stock arrives in are recycled for customer use, and they always ensure that there are recyclable bags for purchase and paper bags for the customers to choose from. The boomerang produce bags are also on sale at the Lovey’s store to support their customers in going plastic free too.

They’re a soft plastic recycling point, and throughout the store are mindful of reducing plastic use where possible, as they understand there’s no immediate replacement for some uses. They’ve taken on making sure they use the most environmentally friendly options available, for example, switching from foam trays in the meat department to 100% recyclable future friendly meat trays, making the switch over to compostable produce bags, and swapping plastic cutlery for wooden cutlery in their deli.

They’re pleased to share that their customers are fully on board with their initiatives, remembering to bring their own recyclable bag or using the available boxes if they forget – it’s become common practice.

“Are we completely there yet? No, but we’re always trying to be better so we’re always a work in progress.”

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