8 sustainable guilt-free gift ideas

Christmas is the time for giving, and we’re all guilty of getting caught up in the Christmas shopping frenzy. We want to encourage our Locals Matter Community to consider a gift that gives back this year.

We’ve put together some simple, thoughtful present ideas and inspiration that will leave less of a negative impact on the planet, and also leave you and the recipient of your gift feeling guilt-free. Here’s eight ideas for gifts that keep on giving!

Canvas shopping bags

Eco friendly tote bags are easy to fold up and pop inside another handbag, so you always have a bag ready to carry your shopping. Help your friends and family to limit their use of plastic bags, by adding a stylish canvas tote to their stocking!

Reusable coffee cup or water bottle

You can help your friends and family reduce their use of takeaway coffee cups or single use plastic bottles by gifting them a handy reusable one. There are lots on the market in different shapes, sizes and colours to suit everyone, and why not go that one step further and choose one made from recycled materials!

Beeswax food wraps

These are a handy gift for anyone who loves to cook and bake, or someone who’s always taking food on the move to picnics and BBQ’s. Sustainable storage wraps are an alternative to cling wrap, and can be used over and over again.

Community Co products

Give back to the community by purchasing Community Co products. Community Co proudly support local communities and suppliers. Why not pick up some Community Co products from your local IGA to create a tasty Hamper or Christmas stocking filled with treats!

Lunch containers and reusable cutlery sets

For any friends already interested in sustainability, or for someone regularly making packed lunches, this could be the perfect gift. A handy, durable container will reduce waste from single use containers, and make life so much easier! You might also save them money if they cut back on buying lunches out.


Not all gifts need to be wrapped, and sometimes your company can be the best gift of all. You could learn a new skill with friends by purchasing a cookery class voucher, or encourage a new hobby like booking a yoga class together. Some experiences can cost nothing at all, like going out for a hike in the great outdoors with the people you care about. 

Charitable donations and sponsors

There are plenty of charities that are in need of support. Think about the interests of who you are buying for and make a donation in their name to a charity they would like to support. Perhaps if they are an animal lover, you could sponsor an endangered animal.

Baked gifts

Putting your own time and energy into baking a homemade gift is a thoughtful way to show someone you care, and fun for you too! Take a look at our Locals Matter recipes to whip them up something tasty and healthy, our Sweet Potato Brownies could go down a treat. Find the recipe here

For more ways to waste less, try our Food Waste Calculator to discover the true cost of your food waste.

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