4 New Year’s resolutions to help the environment

It’s great to start the new year with a fresh mindset and creating new habits.

People typically look to starting new hobbies or activities relating to a healthy lifestyle, but how about creating a more sustainable lifestyle? We’ve shared four simple changes you could make in the new year to have a positive impact on the planet.

Start a compost pile

It’s easy to chuck your food waste in the bin, however all the old food we do throw away goes to landfill, which contributes to producing greenhouse gases. Starting a compost is a resourceful option, and can have lots of benefits in the long run like being able to fertilise your own garden. If you don’t have the space for a compost, look up local drop off sites or research into compost bins. You can also try out our Food Waste Calculator to help understand how much food you are really throwing away!

Explore a flexitarian diet

Meat production generates high levels of greenhouse gasses, so exploring a more plant-based diet can have a positive impact on the planet. However, that’s not to say you should cut meat out entirely tomorrow! A balance is great for your health and for the environment, so try out initiatives like Meatless Monday, or if you eat meat with every meal, try cutting that down to a maximum of one meal a day and substitute with fish and seafood. High quality organic meats can be expensive, but if you start to save money by eating less meat it can help you buy locally sourced organic meat when you do eat it.

Go reusable

If you haven’t done already, make this your goal for the year ahead! The most common swaps from single-use plastics are shopping bags, water bottles, coffee cups and containers – there are lots of reusable versions on the market, making them easy to replace and will dramatically reduce your plastic waste! 

Swap it!

It’s easy to get tempted by fast fashion, online shopping and competitive prices, but our tip to curb those shopping cravings is to start a swapping circle with your friends and family. You can share information about what you’re looking to find, and in return share something you don’t need any more to swap with them! When you do go to purchase something new, we’re encouraging our community to consider buying locally rather than shipping it to reduce air miles and packaging waste.

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