Support us to keep batteries out of landfill and help keep our environment cleaner for the next generation

Chemicals from batteries pollute waterways, seep into the soil. It is highly corrosive and can have a devasting impact on both people and the environment.

IGA has partnered with Ecobatt to help increase the collection of batteries and mobile phones across participating stores around Australia.

How to help recycle at IGA

During your weekly shop, simply drop off your batteries, mobile phones and accessories into the Ecobatt recycling units located at front of the store.

All handheld batteries regardless of type or brand, including button batteries, AAA, AA, A, C, D and 9V.

All brands of mobile phones, their batteries, chargers and accessories.

Mobile wireless modems.

How will the batteries be recycled?

All batteries are recycled in Australia in a 4 step process

1. Sorting
The batteries are sorted and separated into their various grades using a fully automated sorting plant the only one of its kind in Australia eliminating all risks of contamination and fires.

2. Milling
They are milled, separating out the steel casings and plastics leaving a non-ferrous rich black sand.

3. Processing
They are then processed to recover the metals.

4. Separating
The separated steel is then further bailed and used in the manufacture of steel-based products. Depending on quality/type, the plastics can be granulated further and sent to local plastic recyclers. The black sand, depending on battery types and composition will be rich in Copper, Cobalt and other Non-Ferrous metals and is sent for further downstream separation.


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