A Family Affair

Spotlight on Sustainability

At the newly refurbished Ritchies IGA Taren Point, sustainability takes the spotlight, with the existing store undergoing a full refurbishment, meeting the requests of local customers for more environmentally friendly options.

The store has a dedicated sustainability area that stocks a huge range of reusable products, low plastic options, as well as cleaning, health and beauty and household items that all have minimal impact packaging and ingredients.

For those who are looking to minimise plastic at home, the highlight is the refill station where you can get your own bottles or glass and aluminium bottles that can be purchased in store filled with one of 15 available products including laundry, kitchen, shampoo and body wash.

Across the store, LED lighting and refrigeration cases with doors have been installed to reduce energy consumption and natural refrigerants have been used to minimise the carbon footprint of the store.

When you shop, you will be pushing shopping trolleys or carrying baskets that are made from 100% recycles milk bottles, all bags are either reusable or made from 80% recycled pastis and all produce bags are made from corn starch and are 100% compostable.

At the front of the store, you can find a one stop recycling shop where soft plastic, batteries, coffee cups and lids can all be recycled in one place, along with bins for charity food donations that are donated to local charities providing support for people in need.

Whether it is supporting local producers and suppliers and reducing food miles, donating hundreds of thousands of meals to our charity partner Food for Change or inspiring our shoppers to make informed choices, IGA’s network of over 1,300 family owned businesses are a force for good in local communities across Australia.