Choose Better. Choose Ginger.

Firstly, congratulations on being a cat owner. Whether you’re a long-time cat person, or embarking on a new adventure with your kitten, your life will undoubtedly be better for it. This guide from the team at Breeder’s Choice, and our mate Ginger, will walk you through the key things we’ve discovered over the years, from top to bottom (pun intended).

Yep, Breeder’s Choice is the better choice for people, pets and the planet. Here’s why:

  • Natural odour control
  • Made from 99% recycled paper
  • Highly absorbent paper pellets
  • No nasty chemicals or additives
  • Suitable for all cat breeds and safe for kittens to use
  • Biodegradable and compostable *check local council
  • Low dust and tracking
  • Made in Australia

Doing the litter switcheroo

Making the switch to Breeder’s Choice? Great choice! Cats are very particular about where they do their business, so ease into it with a gradual transition. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. START FRESH with a clean or new litter box and mix one-third Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter and two-thirds of their previous litter.

2. ONCE THEY’RE COMFORTABLE change the proportion to two-thirds Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter.

3. SWITCH COMPLETELY and use only Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter. Maintain 2-3 inches of cat litter in the box. A transition takes time, so allow a few weeks for your cat to gain confidence as they test the new litter and routine.

Did you know? When you switch litters, your cat may paw or even taste the new litter. This is weird, wonderful and completely normal. Thankfully, Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter is made from 99% recycled paper, water and hot air with with no nasty chemicals or additives, so it’s completely safe to sample.

KEEP IT CLEAN. It’s not the most glamorous job in the world but scooping your cat’s litter box daily is a must – more frequently if you are a multi-cat family. To keep it fresh and encourage faithful use, change the litter entirely once a week and wash your litter box once a month. Avoid citrus-scented cleaners, cats aren’t fans of the smell and it may lead to boycotting the box.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. You’ve got to get the litter spot right. If you squeeze the box into a tight corner or hidden area to hide it from view of visitors, your cat may feel trapped. They like their privacy, but they also get a bit of FOMO and want to be where you can see them. Position the box in an open area where your cat can see and hear other people or pets in the home.


MORE BOXES FOR THEIR BUSINESS. While we’d all love to have a single litter box in our homes, each cat needs a ‘master bathroom’ plus an additional box for good measure (1+1). So, two boxes for one cat, three boxes for two cats and so on. Cats are fussy, so the more options the better.

COMPOSTABLE LITTER. Unlike other litters, Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter is biodegradable and compostable. You can place it in your green bin, which reduces waste and is better for the environment. Double check this with your local council before you dispose of it.

Heads up: whilst our litter is made from 99% recycled paper, we advise against tipping the entire litter tray into the toilet.

A cat litter box defines your cat’s space as it gives them a sense of independence while they enjoy a moment in private. Choosing a safe and comfortable place for their litter box is important.

LAUNDRY. The laundry is the ideal place for a litter box. It’s a private, dedicated space for your cat with the added bonus of laundry sinks for easy tray cleaning.

BATHROOM. This feels like the natural spot, right? If it’s good enough for us…

OTHER. Living room, kitchen or outdoor cat run/veranda/garage.


Take care! Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that can be transmitted through cat faeces. If pregnant, it can be passed from mother to baby and may cause harm. So, wear protective gear, or better still, handball the litter changing to someone else.

Good to know! Cats feel vulnerable when they’re on the litter tray, so it’s best to position it against a wall away from the corners of the room. This gives them a clear vantage point to make sure nobody is sneaking up behind them. Choose the location based on ease of access, minimal clutter and low foot traffic.

Ever wondered why you feel happy whenever your cat is around? Cats are calm, affectionate and empathetic making them very therapeutic to have around. Here are some of our favourite reasons to have a cat in your life…

STRESS LESS. That warm and fuzzy feeling you
get when you’re patting your cat is not your imagination, it’s a release of oxytocin and other pleasure-related chemicals in the brain. The release helps your body feel calm and peaceful, reducing stress and even helping lower blood pressure. Cats can truly benefit your health, which is why some nursing homes, schools and hospitals employ therapy cats to assist patients in healing and spreading positive vibes.


YOUR LIVE-IN BFF. Cats are the ultimate companions. Having a cat around means you never feel lonely because there’s always someone to talk to (and they don’t argue or answer back!). Cats have a strong bond with their owners and remember your acts of kindness, which they reciprocate with furry affection.

AN IMMUNITY BOOSTER. Surprise fact: unless you’re allergic to cats, pet dander keeps your immune system working hard to build strength and fight off other irritants, reducing risks for allergies and asthma. Children who live with dogs and cats are less likely to develop allergies to those animals, and other allergies, later in life.

JOIN THE CLUB. Cats are not only great company, they also give us a reason to talk to others!
If you’re a cat owner, you have an instant community of friendly cat people to share pet tips and bond with over your latest cat escapade.

HELPING YOU COPE. Animals can often sense when we are distressed and may cuddle or check in
to see if we are okay – it’s always nice to know somebody cares about you. It’s also helpful to talk things out with your cat, who you can be sure won’t give you bad advice. Our pets are there for us, just like we are there for them.

Highly Absorbent

All Natural

Recycled Paper

Odour Control


A balanced blend of nutrient-filled pellets, to complement a bird’s diet.

A diet of seed alone may not provide your bird with all the variety & nutrients it needs. Trill™ Vitablend™ pellets have been designed to help ensure your feathered friend stays healthy and happy.

A good guide for variety in a bird’s diet is approximately 40% pellets, 30% fortified seed, 20% veggies & 10% fruits.


Feeding Native Birds

  • There are many different types of bird feeders available.
    They can be as simple as a tray, a raised bird table or more elaborate terracotta or metal feeders on a stand. Whatever type you choose, make sure it can be easily cleaned and placed where different groups of birds frequent.
  • Some birds are quite shy so be patient – they will eventually come down to feed!
  • The more “natural” the environment feels, the more comfortable birds will be in your backyard. Leaf litter can provide a good food source and big old trees provide great natural nesting sites.
  • While most birds enjoy a range of fresh foods, there are some that are toxic to them and should not be offered. These include avocado, rhubarb leaves, raw fish and raw meat.

Feeding Pet Birds

  • Choose your bird seed based on the species of bird that you have, to ensure their nutritional needs are met.
  • Provide your bird with fresh food each day. Make it easy for your bird to remove the nutritious kernels from the seed by discarding the empty husks. Ensure that your bird has fresh, clean water daily.
  • Ideally pet parents should buy the biggest cage available to them – they should also remember that two birds will need more space than just one.
  • Cages should be kept in a cool, well-ventilated environment away from draughts, direct sunlight and ideally, on a stand about four feet above the floor.
  • Ideally, cages should be kept in the corner of the room, so the bird feels more secure with only two sides to watch.
  • Once the cage has been positioned, birds will be happier if it’s kept in the same place.
  • Birds are happiest in a consistent and familiar environment.
  • Different birds take different lengths of time to settle into an unfamiliar environment.

In the wild, birds spend approximately 80% of their day searching for and consuming food.  The rest of the day is spent socialising, grooming and sleeping. In captivity, this is the opposite so create an enrichment plan for your bird:

  • Foraging enrichment – to encourage searching for and finding food.  This can be done by scattering food over the floor of the cage or aviary, placing food in small cardboard boxes or paper parcels that have to be chewed through to access, multiple food dishes around the cage some with and without food.
  • Physical enrichment – including objects placed in the environment and the environment as a whole to engage in flying, running etc.  Adding toys including swings, ladders, mirrors etc are important, there should be multiple items especially for multiple birds in a cage.
  • Sensory enrichment – Utilising the bird’s senses such as sight, hearing, smell and touch by providing a room with videos, toys and background noise.  This should be done with caution and dependent on the breed as they may become stressed.  They must also be able to get away from it all.
  • Social enrichment – This is for social interactions between birds, and birds and people that can be direct through cage mate pairing or social rooms with multiple birds interacting. This needs to be carefully chaperoned until they can safely intermingle.
  • Occupational enrichment – this can include problem solving, learning and choosing and controlling a feature in the environment including use of puzzle foraging toys that require problem solving.
  • Safe free flight in the outside is another recommendation.

Nourish your dog with the tailored nutrition they need to bring out their best everyday.

It takes the perfect combination of nutrients to keep your dog at their healthy best.

And that’s why the experts at SUPERCOAT® developed SMARTBLEND®, a precise combination of high-quality natural ingredients blended with real chicken, plus 22 essential vitamins and minerals. Nourish your dog with the tailored nutrition they need to bring out their best everyday.


Note: Each Variant has specific product claims. The below is for SUPERCOAT® Adult Chicken.

  • Australian Made
  • Made with 100% Aussie Chicken
  • Active Energy – From the goodness of real Australian Chicken
  • Immune Protection – Essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for immune protection
  • Shiny Coat – Contains essential fatty acids, including Omega 6 for healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Healthy Digestion – Keeps his digestive system healthy with natural fibre
  • No added artificial colours or flavours

Real food means real flavour

Real & Recognisable Ingredients, Ethically Sourced Sustainable, Authentic No Artificials, Limited/Less Processed

Even the fussiest of felines will love the great flavour and grain free goodness of the Fussy Cat range. All of our products are made with real quality meat and added vitamins and minerals to offer a 100% complete & balanced diet and treats are a great addition to further spoil your loved one. All products are grain free. Just delicious varieties and textures that will have your cat purring for more.

  • Grainfree: No Wheat or Fillers, just the meaty taste they love
  • Meat as the #1 Ingredient: Cats need meat in their diet, and they love the variety of tastes and textures they bring.
  • Australian Made: Produced in Australia using real Australian meat

Fussy Cat 12 x 80g Pouches available in 6 tasty flavours


Fussy Cat 500g available in 3 tasty flavours,
Fussy Cat Kitten 450g in Chicken also available


All kinds of treats. For all kinds of dogs.

With the love‘em range, you can treat your pooch without any guilt. Our treats include high quality liver and a range of nutritious ingredients which both dogs love.

They’re low in salt and free from any artificial ingredients. There’s also a wide range to choose from, air-dried liver treats for training or rewarding your dog to delicious cookies for a special treat while snuggling on the couch.


Treat your pet with the best

Our treats are made from high quality ingredients and have no added sugar, fillers or additives. Even the cleaning equipment we use in our factories is food-grade and safe for your pet.


The whole love’em range is readily available


Carefully prepared in the Hume Region of Australia using premium quality meat with no added preservatives, MY DOG® recipes provide your dog a delicious healthy meal full of essential vitamins and minerals.

MY DOG puts their heart and soul into crafting delicious dog food recipes your dog will love.

Find the range at your local IGA


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