Quick facts on Review Crew

The Review Crew Program was launched in September 2019 as a dedicated online food community to test, endorse and promote IGA Private Label products and brands.

There are a total of 2,478 potential total panellists that have been recruited and selected to be nationally representative, 376 of those are most active when it comes to Review Crew. Of those 376 active panellists, the state representation is quite close to the IGA network of stores.

Review Crew Panel (by State)
NSW / ACT: 29%
VIC / TAS: 33%
QLD: 23%
WA: 12%
SA/NT: 3%

IGA Review Crew FAQs

Are all age brackets represented?

The Review Crew participant ages range from 20 to 85 years old.

How are the panellists selected?

Review Crew panellists had to meet demographic specifications and shopper behaviours to ensure they could provide feedback on grocery retail, with a specific requirement to have been a regular IGA shopper.  Additionally a mix of 50-50 on Metro / Regional to represent the IGA customer base was also implemented. 

How long have they been drawn upon to give feedback on IGA grocery lines?

They have been used since the commencement of the program in September 2019. They are all current IGA shoppers and as such very aware of local IGA activities and products.

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