Available in the 1.1L bottles

Since 1783, we’ve been creating the finest mixers. We’ve become synonymous with clean refreshment, sharp flavours, style & sophistication. And we continuously strive to evolve our range. So, we made some upgrades.

Firstly, by leveraging our rich design heritage we’ve brought our distinctive Hamilton Bottle shape into the 21st century. Say hello to the new Schweppes Bottle 1.1L PET.

Secondly, we reformulated our Flavoured Mineral Waters to become a ‘better every day’ offer. With less sugar, lighter liquid appearance, and a refreshed flavour range, our Flavoured Mineral Waters are a better choice for the modern palette.

Now there’s only one thing left to do. Let it out. Schweppervescence.
Check out the new range available now at your local IGA.