Joyful Christmas Tree Platter

The joy of Christmas is all about the family Christmas tree! Upgrade your entertaining with this merry Christmas tree platter!

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  1. On the board fold and scrunch the prosciutto in a wide layer near one end of the platter board (you want to leave about a hands width of space between the edge of the board and the prosciutto.
  2. Create the next layer on top of the prosciutto by folding and twisting the ham. Make this layer slightly less wide than the prosciutto layer (we want each new layer to be slightly shorter so that we build the tree into a point at the top).
  3. Next layer, roll up the individual salami pieces and place diagonally in a line.
  4. On top of the salami, place the cheese (cubed preferably).
  5. The last layer is the cabanossi or kabana. Slice these on an angle and place into a point.
  6. Place your star decoration at the apex of the tree (this can either be a sliced starfruit, or decoration of your choosing).
  7. Create the trunk of the tree by neatly stacking a handful of cracker in a line to the edge of the board
  8. Place your grape and ribbon decorations on top of the tree where you choose. Add in a few of the bay leaves around the tree levels to create the look of “leaves”.


Ham off the bone
Cabanossi or kabana
For decorating: Grapes
For decorating: Bay leaves (fresh)
Starfruit, or other decoration of your choice for the star


Tip: Be sure to choose a platter board that is long enough to allow you to create multiple layers for the tree

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