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Festive Star Platter

  • 6 Makes
  • 30 minutes

Impress your guests with this stunning festive star that doubles as an antipasto platter. It’s so easy to prepare, striking in appearance, and, of course, delicious to eat!
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10 Mild Twiggy Sticks
200g Feta-Stuffed Green Olives
2 x 125g South Cape Brie or Camembert, cut into wedges
150g Salami, sliced into 8cm wide discs
1 Cabanossi, cut 5 thin slices then slice the remainder
100g Thinly-sliced Italian Prosciutto
200g South Cape Gouda, sliced into ½ cm-thick triangles
150g Sliced Easy Carve Leg Ham


  1. Trim the ends of the twiggy sticks. Arrange the twiggy sticks into a star shape on a large wooden platter.
  2. Place the olives into a small shallow bowl in the centre of the twiggy star
  3. Arrange the Brie or Camembert cheese wedges to form the star points.
  4. Arrange salami, cabanossi, prosciutto, Gouda and ham in sections of the star around the bowl of olives.
  5. Scatter with basil leaves then decorate the platter with festive red ribbon.


Serve with Basil Leaves!

A large round wooden board works perfectly for this star. Alternatively, you could consider a large round ceramic entertaining platter.


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