Making the most of family time during Covid 19

Being independent, family-owned businesses, at IGA there’s nothing we love more than celebrating all things family.

But during Covid-19, not everyone will have the same opportunities to get together, so we thought we’d share some ideas that cater to those able to get up close, and those that are having to say ‘love you from afar.

Create a special brekky

Who doesn’t love to be woken up with brekky in bed? Why not try out these delicious pancakes for that homemade touch, an exclusive recipe from IGA Locals Matter. Not only do they taste great, but they’re healthy too. Top it off with a homemade ‘love you’ card or some fresh flowers to brighten up the day.

If you can’t get together, how about a video conference brekky? Set yourselves up somewhere comfy, chuck on the kettle, and settle down to a cup of tea or coffee and share a virtual bite to eat. It’s not the same as face to face, but still a chance to kick off the day with a very big smile.

Get out and about in nature.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a state where you can get together and head out and about, even for an hour, make the most of our great outdoors. Exercising together can be super rewarding, even if it’s a stroll in the park.

If you’re not able to get together, then still head out wherever you are. Go somewhere with a lovely view and hook up with the family on your phone if you can. Have a chat about what you’re looking at, the vibrant colours and the local sounds. Even taking time to hit pause can be very therapeutic and great to share even if it is from afar. Take a few photos to remember the day and create a photo montage for all to enjoy.

Chuck the family fave on the barbie.

With the longer days setting in, it’s a great opportunity to clean off the BBQ and chuck on everyone’s favourite meal – whether that’s a tasty piece of steak, a sausage in a roll or a lovely piece of salmon. Serve it with some baked potatoes and a crisp salad and voila, happy days!

If you’re the family techie, how about creating a music playlist full of everyone’s favourite songs, that you can all sing along to? Something to put a smile on everyone’s face, whether you’re together or not.

The Backyard Camp

For the youngsters out there, and the adventurous oldies, why not take a camping trip to your own backyard and enjoy a staycation. Set yourself up for a cosy night under the stars and get your best jokes ready.

So sit back and enjoy your family time together.

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