Act of Generosity Competition

To celebrate a century of Cadbury bringing people together through a love of chocolate, we invited people to nominate someone deserving of recognition for their act of kindness. Each month from May – September 2022, we are selecting 20 pairs of lucky winners.

Tahlia Thomson

Tahlia is a single mum, teacher, and a colleague of mine. Throughout the pandemic, she has stepped up in many ways. She mothers our department, bringing food and treats if we hit a slump. She ensures we're all on track, and completes and submits our administrative work for us. She has stepped in to fill staff shortages, including helping out in the canteen without payment. Further, she provides supplies for students from her own pocket - Cadbury chocolate is top of that list! An amazing human!

Kerry McCallum

Kerry goes above and beyond teaching my son in the 5/6 classroom. She genuinely cares about the kid's welfare and progression at school. Being a teacher during this pandemic has been a tough gig, and she continues to greet you each day with a smile and positive attitude. She has also dropped off my son's instrument a handful of times to our house, if he has left it at school. Helping people out is just what Kerry is good at and I think she deserves a hamper to recognise that.

Lloyd Morris

Lloyd is our local radio host who has kept us updated and entertained during the flood crisis. He engages the community in our everyday lives. Just a down to earth man doing what he loves. Thx, Mate

Rachael Allen

Despite being hearing impaired and having an ABI, Rachael works hard giving back to our community by spending Friday evenings handing out meals and essentials to our locals who are homeless and in need. She is an amazing, kind, selfless young woman, who is always thinking about what she can do for others and is an asset to our local Bateau Bay community. I nominate her for a well deserved treat.

Tanya Steele

Tanya is a tireless community volunteer for our local Netball Club. She is a fulltime, shift-working Mum with school-aged children, who always puts the needs of others before hers and never has a day off. She has improved the lives of those around her by providing them the opportunity to participate in sport, particularly teen girls, and has built a community of volunteers to support the same objective. She deserves to be recognised for the positive impacts she has made in her community.

Natalie Koenig

Always thinking of others, from dropping off a coffee or shopping bags in isolation, or even showing kindness and care through thoughtful gifts for someone going to hospital. Giving not only to her friends but never ending care for her family. She's the most deserving friend I could ever have to win this prize!

Jayden Vella

My mum is deserving of recognition. My parents have been separated for 29 years and recently my dad has been diagnosed with cancer. My mum, being the beautiful person that she is, took my dad in and is taking care of him as he fights this battle ahead of him. She takes him to and from the hospital everyday for treatment and is always there with him at the doctors. My mum is always there for her family and puts herself second. Her family is her world. I am the person I am today because of her.

Cindy Shanahan

Cindy has been very active in Morwell and surrounding Valley with her husband Tom for many years, especially with Morwell Neighbourhood Watch as President. Cindy lost Tom last year but has continued to serve the community on a regular basis doing road / parking / Covid assistance, Bunnings BBQ's and so much more despite not having a licence to get her to the many places she helps out at. Cindy is always promoting / supporting local business and I think could do with some support too.

John Smith

Every week John comes over to my house with his leaf blower and blows all 30 of my steps and around the house. When he is mowing his nature strip he also does mine. I never had to ask John, he just did it. So now when he finishes gardening, I take him out a glass of Kombucha. He and Deb, his wife, are always there if I need any thing.

Tommy Jeffs

Tommy is one of the most generous people living here in Canowindra. He goes out of his way to give help wherever needed. On Mothers Day, he put on a free morning tea and luncheon for mothers who are on their own. What a beautiful man!

Gloria Baillie

Gloria is very generous person. In our small town she gives a huge amount of volunteer hours as Secretary to our Bowls Club, as well as helping the club providore with many tasks. She's a First Responder, which is something we have very few of in our small community. Gloria is a returned service person and gives many volunteer hours to the RSL Club in the next town. Overall this lady gives much to many. We love her work!

Rene Procter

Rene works at Kwoorabup Nature School as a financial manager, but she does way beyond that. Rene bakes treats for the staff anytime they go through rough times. She also cooks with the students and donates the most amazing baked goods for any fundraising event and busy bees. Rene gives her time, knowledge, materials and skills to anyone in need. She is the most generous person I've ever met.

Vic Leonard

He is a retired aged care worker who volunteers to cook a bbq for the men. He has a men's chat club for the residents that need to be listened to, as sadly some have no family to talk to.

Fran Smith

Fran Smith is one of those unsung community members who contribute alot. Fran is the co-ordinator of the Carss Park Community Garden. Fran plans our rosters and helps in all aspects of gardening. If she hasn't seen you for a while contacts you. If you have any problems she works out solutions. Also she is one of those people who can share their knowledge without making you feel inferior. If she wins this I am sure she will share this with all the members.

Tahlia Thomas

Tahlia has started her own business as a nutritionist in Albury NSW and is just into her second year. She has donated all the money she earned in consult fees for 1 week, to the flood victims in NSW and has received confirmation as to where every cent has gone (washing machines for 2 families, food hampers etc). I think this is an amazing effort for a young 25 year old lady just starting out in business to have done.

Carly Hall

Carly, along with friend Tash, has set up and coordinates The Alfresco Community Kitchen - a community group who helps support those living on the street or those doing it tough by providing warm meals, snack packs and often clothing too, each Tuesday and every second Saturday. She has a heart of gold - balancing all of this with family life, which includes fostering a baby alongside raising her own lucky children. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving!

Brendan Murphy

He does lots for needed people in the community. From running free online fitness classes, footy carnival games and lot more activities for under the privileged, people with disabilities, drug and alcoholic recoveries, homeless and more that are in the need. That would be nice for him to receive to say thank for all that he does.

Terry-Anne Edgecome

We moved to Bombala NSW 12 months ago and not knowing many people having moved from Victoria, Terry-Anne has been amazing welcoming us to the community. My wife suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and was having a really hard couple of weeks - most weekends she was in bed with migraine and exhaustion. Terry-Anne, the kind person she is, did a big cook up and brought it around for us. We are so grateful for her kindness (and yummy cooking!).

Brayden Langley

He helped an elderly member of a flooded community clean up her home. He also delivered groceries to residents who where in need of food when their local supermarket had been flooded.

Susan Woolcock

Sue is a great neighbour who cares for our pet chickens and 3 sheep when we go away. She does home visits to elderly residents in the Creswick community who live alone. She often takes them meals or just cals in for a cuppa and a chat. She is most deserving of a reward as she is so generous with her time and has the biggest heart.

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