100% of the funds raised will go to St Vincent de Paul Society and Drought Angels
to support drought-affected communities.

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11th November – 29th December 2019

Aussie farmers are enduring one of the harshest droughts in living memory. With IGA stores in many drought-affected communities, we see the toll it’s taking every day. So please, help us support our farmers and buy a $2 Drought Appeal gift token at your local IGA.

We are throwing our full support behind Aussie communities devastated by one of the harshest droughts in living memory. Funds raised from the IGA Drought Appeal will be used to support the amazing work of Drought Angels and Vinnies supporting Aussies in regional communities

Drought Angels and Vinnies support Aussie farmers and their rural communities with meaningful and personalised assistance. They provide help in the form of financial assistance, case workers and community events. From putting fuel in the car to providing food hampers and care packs, both charities are working tirelessly so families in rural Australia can enjoy their Christmas.

Until 29th December 2019, for every token sold at participating IGA stores, Metcash Trading Limited will contribute 50% of all proceeds to each of St Vincent de Paul Society and to Drought Angels Limited, through the IGA Community Chest Trust. For more information and full contact details, see



Read about some of the impact the IGA Drought Appeal has made across Australia.

City support lifts farmers’ spirits

City support lifts
farmers’ spirits

FARMERS battling the worst drought in living memory say a wave of support from city slickers has given them a lift and shows that people care about their plight. Andrew and Rhonda Watt have farmed sheep and lambs on their property an hour northwest of Orange for most of their lives and have never witnessed a drought this bad.

“I’ve lived through three droughts now in my life, the one in ’82 and the millennium drought, and this one is a lot worse,” Andrew said.

“The width and breadth of this one is what is scary. It’s taking over the whole state.” “It also feels like there was a bit more support from the government in the previous two droughts.”

The Watts’ days are much longer as they hand-feed their 3500 sheep on their 4200-acre property. Their average workday is around 15 hours long, seven days a week.

The demanding conditions and long work hours are isolating, meaning a helping hand is most welcome.Last week the couple had a brief respite when the St Vincent de Paul Society organised beers and a BBQ at their local shop in Orange in partnership with IGA.

Vouchers were given to producers but Mrs Watt said the best part of the evening was knowing there were people out there who cared. “It feels like a connection of love (the support from the city). There are people out there who are bothered, and care enough, about what we do,” she said.

“It makes a massive difference that someone else — who you don’t know — cares about you. “It can even be as basic as having someone out there who is thinking about you.” Shoppers can help farmers by purchasing a $2 IGA Drought Appeal gift token at their local IGA with all the proceeds going to Vinnies or Drought Angels.

Jack from the New England Region in NSW

Jack from the New England
Region in NSW

Jack from the New England Region of NSW is 69 years old and lives by himself in isolation. With his family away living different lives and no additional staff he runs his 440 acres all alone. The drought has hit his property hard as he struggles to keep the remaining cattle and himself going. When Jack contacted Drought Angels early in 2019 his property was in its 3rd year of receiving only 8% of the average annual rainfall. 8 of his 9 dams were dry and the 9th was at 50% capacity. Every day Jack filtered over 20,000 litres of muddy water for the cattle and himself, carting the water around to various troughs for the cattle each day. He had a few tins in the pantry, and some sausages and 2 bags of frozen veggies in the freezer.

Jack was already doing it tough before the daily water ritual had to begin in 2017 after a mini tornado ripped through and damaged roofs, gutters, irrigation piping and ripped the roof of the shed ruining his stored hay. Hail then decimated his last crop of celery 3 days before harvest – damaging 97% and the last 3% not viable for transporting to the sales. With the irrigation system gone so is the ability to grow fodder for the cattle. All after having to let the insurance policy lapse due to lack of funds.

But like all our proud farmers Jack has tried for many years to push on through alone before finally asking for help. He sold all non-essential machinery, traded back leased machinery, renegotiated loans and tried to produce new crops and manage his herd. But without sufficient funds, storms, ongoing drought conditions and the failure of 2 winter crops in a row, times kept getting tougher. The local mechanic tries to help like communities do, by fixing his old Land Cruiser and letting him pay “when times are better”. Others have lent him a vehicle for the daily water ritual in the meantime. Friends have driven over 500 klms to come and help with repairs to get clean water back to the house. Busted aluminium fittings have been sold as scrap metal and even the family heirloom jewellery has been sold to keep some money coming in. And when the rains do come the gutters are too damaged to catch much and the roof will leak from the previous damage.

Drought Angels immediately provided $5000 to Jack to cover several outstanding debts, sent a care package his way, and let Jack know of other agencies that may also be able to provide assistance and even volunteer labour to help him through this drought.

Drought stricken country kids to sing in Sydney at Schools Spectacular thanks to Drought Appeal

Drought stricken country kids to sing in Sydney at Schools Spectacular thanks to Drought Appeal

Condobolin Public School students have had their wishes granted by anonymous angels who have enabled them to perform alongside thousands of their peers from across the state at the annual Schools Spectacular.

The town, in the state’s central west, is one of many in NSW that has been devastated by the worst drought in living memory and many families are struggling to make ends meet.

But there is a bright spot for eight students thanks to charity Drought Angels which will help fund the trip to Sydney to take part in this enormous student musical later this month.



The IGA Drought Appeal has been launched to support Aussies devastated by drought.

Purchase a $2 gift token and send your messages of support to our farmers and drought affected communities using #morethanrain on Instagram or Facebook.

[Help Others in Need]
Of my many wishes for my son, I wish to instil in him a sense of charity for those that need it. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the immense struggle our farmers are having in the current drought. This Christmas I have chosen to support the IGA Drought Relief. By visiting your local IGA and purchasing a $2 token you will join Reed and I in supporting farmers, families, community in drought devastated areas.
If you would like to show your support, please use the hashtag #MoreThanRain to send messages of support to all those that are in need due to the effects of drought.
I purchased my token from my Leeming IGA store and Reed has proudly written his name on it to hang on the shop wall for all to be encouraged to donate too. •

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Thanks to all our amazing customers who have already shown their support for the IGA Drought Appeal!
Tokens will be available to purchase until December 29th.
100% of all donated funds go directly to Drought Angels and Vinnies Australia to assist Aussies devastated by drought.
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Have you heard? igaaustralia has raised over $380,000 in its drought appeal! These funds will provide crucial support for Aussie farmers and communities. What an incredible effort!⠀

UOW IGA is proud to support the #morethanrain drought appeal and help our communities in this time of great need.⠀

Want to play your part this festive season? Grab a token in-store to make a difference this Christmas! 💖

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This Christmas IGA is supporting drought affected areas in Australia.
Arin and I are doing our bit by purchasing a $2 token from our local IGA to help support farmers, families, community in drought devastated areas.
It is so devastating to see the effect drought has on our farmers across Australia.
Please show your support this Christmas to the IGA Drought Relief appeal by purchasing a $2 token from your local IGA.
Snap a pic, share on Instagram or Facebook using #morethanrain . Let’s show our farmers the love and support they deserve . ❤️ .
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IGA CHRISTMAS DROUGHT APPEAL! 💧🎄 Please help our farmers in their battle against drought by purchasing a $2 Drought Appeal gift token from our checkout, with proceeds to be used to support the amazing work of Drought Angels & Vinnies supporting Aussie Farmers in regional communities ❤ #morethanrain #showwecare #droughtangels #stvinnies #pointlonsdale ...

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