Top Tips for Entertaining this Summer

Summertime means fabulous long days and great excuses to entertain outdoors with light, easy food. Keep out of the kitchen by barbecuing and choosing menus that need minimal preparation. Use seasonal produce for best value, flavour and inspiration!

Plan ahead

Organise menus in advance and write lists to make shopping easier at your local IGA supermarket.

Shop early

To spread the load on your budget, buy long-lasting food and drinks ahead and fresh produce closer to the date.

Cook ahead

Consider what you can make ahead of time (desserts, pastries) and do so to allow you more time with guests.


Use sauces, salad mixes and marinades to keep prep to a minimum while achieving delicious results.

Plan to save

Check your local IGA catalogue for weekly specials and plan meals using them. View Catalogue >

Guest dishes

When entertaining for a crowd, allocate guests to bring part of the menu as well as drinks to match.

Drinks station

Set up a separate table with drinks, ice and glasses for easy self-service, to free up the kitchen.

The kids

If children are invited, sit them at a separate table with simple food. See for easy kids recipes.

Store leftovers

Either use airtight containers or wrap them in foil or cling wrap to put in the fridge or freezer.